Let the popularity of mum help your organization reach its funding goal!

Our plants are generous 12-18 inches in diameter. We strive to deliver a 50% stage of bloom, so that the plants show lots of color yet have many buds left to open.

They are available in these 7 colors*


Purple/Dark Pink




Orange/ Bronze


*Flowers shown are representative of the color groups. The actual shades of color may vary due to the varieties available.

– After taking orders, your organization pays only $4.40 for each mum delivered. You set your own retail price. This season most groups are selling at $ 9 each or 4 for $35

– Initiate your sales program at any time. To ensure the availability of all colors, we suggest you place your order before October 10. Please keep in mind supplies are limited and certain colors may sell out early.

– Your order will be delivered to one location at a mutually agree able time. Keep in mind mum are at their best between September 1 and October 20

To customize your forms after setting up your program dates, please complete this form